Message from Steve Olsen


We go the extra mile at every step to not just meet the HECO standards, but surpass them in areas such as using double sacrificial anode that protects your system from rust.

We do bottom connect solar piping to the panels, the most time consuming and highest material cost to plumb a system, but by far the best for the customer in the short term and the long run.

We are Engineers and Licensed Contractors. Fully insured for all aspects of liability and Workman’s Compensation. Not all solar installers are. If you could save a few hundred dollars, would you hire a questionable installer to work on your system, and up on your roof?

We do it right because we want you to be happy. We think our customers are our best sales force, and we reward all customers who provide referrals with $100 upon the sale of a new solar system.

Give us a call and start your savings now. Stop letting your potential savings run down the drain!


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